Slide Schedule Pro

Free Digital Signage Software

Stop using powerpoint for playback, and start scheduling slides!

Download for Windows

Drag’n drop slide, schedule, run and done!
Simple as it gets.


Any resolution*

High quality scaling

Save revisioning


Open file format

Override duration


PC running Windows 10 or later

.Net 5

Secondary monitor output


Intel i5 or greater

Dedicated video card

Watch tutorials

*Output resolution limited by video card capabilities, and RAM.

Accessible for low-budget, or no budget.

We want to help. At the moment, “we” is one person. I develop this software on my own time, in the evenings after my family has gone to bed, or in the mornings before they wake up. It’s a labor of love, and a desire to help the community. Slide Schedule Pro is just getting started. Donation based software helps allow this software to be accessible with any budget. Would you consider donating to help fund development? Any contribution, large, small, one time, or reoccurring is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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